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Daryle Dennis Estate & Mary Dennis

Date: 09-26-2020
Location: Amidon, ND

Time: 9:30 am MT


Address: 7006 138th Ave SW, Amidon, ND 58620

From Amidon, ND:  

2-miles East, 6-miles South, 2-miles East, ½-mile South


Sale Bill

Online Bidding

Visit the Online Bidding Link for lotted items and pictures!!!   Seller: Daryle Dennis Estate, Mary Dennis

Auction Time: 9:30 am MDT

Live On-site / Internet Bidding

For more information contact: Tate Miller 701-220-1350 or Scott Weishaar 701-426-6826 or
Chad Stoltz 701-290-0546

Auctioneers Note:

Plan on attending the Dennis Estate, a Big Day scheduled. Feel free to bring along an

ATV as last part of the sale will be a short distance from the yard.

  Sale Order:
  • 9:30 – Shop Tools & Misc Shop Items
  • 10:00 – Livestock Panels & Hyd. Chutes
  • 11:00 – Farm & Hay Equip, Trucks, Trailers, Tractors, Combines
  • Following the Equip., we will move to Augers & Hopper Bins-  After Hopper Bins internet bidding will end for the sale and we will continue with on-site only bidding.  
  • The following items will be sold On-Site Only, No Internet bidding the rest of the sale: Feed BunksRR Ties, Sucker Rod, Guard Rail, Tire Tanks, Equipment for Parts & Salvage  

*Times on sale schedule are all approximate. There will be very few shop items.


2009 Case IH 535 Quadtrac, (ser#: Z8F111879)
30” track, 16-spd PS, 2-Reverse, 1000 PTO, 4-hyd,

Case GPS Guidance System, (3043 hrs.) No DEF


2011 Case IH Magnum 340 AFS FWA, (ser#: ZARD00819) 13-spd PS,4-Reverse, Joystick, Case ProGuidance System AFS/GPS, Tires– Duals Front 380/80R38, Rear 480/80R50, 4-hyd. Prem Leather Cab, PTO, 3pt,

(New Engine at 85 hrs., 899 Tractor Hrs., 814 Engine Hrs.)


2011 Case IH Magnum 210 FWA (ser#: ZBRH02358) 19-spd PS, 6 - Reverse, GPS, 4-hyd, 540/1000 PTO, Good Tires -Front 14.9-34, Rear 18.4-46w/Duals (3294 hrs.) w/ Case L780 Pro Loader- Bucket/Grapple (ser#: YBWLU4074, Model#: 424946006)


1991 Case IH 7120 MFW (ser#: JJA0034033) 18-spd PS, 3-hyd, 1000/540 PTO, 3pt,

Front 16.9-28/Rear 18.4-42 Tires, (5554 hrs.)


1991 Case IH 7120 w/790 Quicke Loader - Bucket & Grapple (ser#: JJA0037226) 18-spd PS,

3-pt, 3-hyd, 540/1000 PTO, Tires – Front 16.8-28, Rear 18.4-42 w/Duals , Transmission work done, New Clutch, (8228 hrs.)


1175 Case w/Dual 3100 Loader – as is

1175 Case AgriKing (ser#: 8799131)

2 – 1170 Case – as is

930 Case

930 Case – No Cab


Payloader & Dozer

1996 Volvo L90C Payloader (ser#: L90CV62117) w/GrabTec Loader (15,131 hrs.)


1998 Volvo L90C Payloader (ser#: L90CV63008) w/GrabTec Loader, New Recaps on Tires-Good

(14,750 hrs.)


Komatsu D65 Dozer (ser#: 32746)


Hy Grade 1400 RS Pull-type Scraper/Blade – Like New



2009 IH Work Star 7400 SFA, Auto Trans, Duals, w/MarFlex Sprayer 110-ft Boom, 3-way Nozzles, Raven GPS, 1250-gal Stainless Steel Tank (vin#: 1HTWDAAR99J181742)


1998 IH 4700 DT 466E, Auto Trans, w/MarFlex Sprayer 90-ft Boom, Foam Marker,

1350-gal Poly Tank, EZ Steer, Light Bar System (vin#: 1HTSCAAN3WH583077)


Seeding & Tillage

2008 Case IH Early Riser 1250 Corn Planter, (ser#: Y85007187) 30-in spacing, 24-row, Seed Tank,

400-gal Liq. Fert. System


2012 John Deere 57-ft Hoe Drill (ser#: 1A81830XTBL 745234) w/Dutch Openers, 12-in spacing, NH3 setup, Conveyor Auger w/ Tow behind JD 1910, 430 bu. 3-comp Cart (ser#: 1A81910HTCG 750227)


3 – NH3 tanks 1450-gal


2019 Landoll Model 7530-35 (ser#: 75P1900560) Vertical Tillage Disk w/Rolling Baskets,

7-in Space - Like New!


Sunflower 1433 – 32 Tandem Disc


IH 5600 Chisel Plow w/Melroe Harrows, 42-ft

IH 490 Tandem Disc, 32-ft

Flex-Coil Chisel Plow, 32-ft

Flex-Coil System 70, 28-ft Coil Packer

JD Chisel Plow 36-ft w/NH3 Setup

Highline 40-ft Harrow

Lilliston 2050 Press Drill 20-ft mtd Transport

IH 356 Spring Tooth Harrow

Kinze 12-row Planter, Dry & Mid Row Fertilizer

JD Press Drill w/Grass Seeders – As Is

32-ft 3-bar Harrows

Summers Rock Picker

IH 620 8-ft Press Drill

2 – Tandem Axle Fertilizer Spreaders

Melroe 6-bottom Plow w/Packer


Harvest Equip.

2013 Case IH Axial Flow 8230 Combine, (ser#: YDG220177)

(1160-engine hrs., 845-seperator hrs.,) GPS/AFS Ready, LA Folding Auger, Manual Tip Tops, Hyd. Spout,

Big Tip Ext, Dbl. Hyd. Unloading Auger, Tires: Front Duals 620/70R42, Rear 600/65R28, Built-in Cooler


2010 Case IH Axial Flow 8120 Combine (ser#: YAG208566)

(1385- engine hrs., 1070-seperator hrs.) DSL LA, CS, RT, LT,

Tires: Front Duals 520/85R42, Rear 600/65R28)


2013 Case IH 2162 Draper Header 40-ft


2004 Case IH 2412 Corn Head


2010 Mac Don D60-D 36-ft Finger Reel Header w/Transport


Case IH 1015 13-ft Header (ser#: JJC0055648) w/Melroe Westward 388 pickup head


1997 New Holland 971 Pickup Head w/436 Westward Pickup


2012 Convey-ALL TCSNH-1045 Conveyor w/Mover w/Kohler Motor, Hyd. Drive (ser#: 1105118750)


Meridian HD 8-39 Auger w/Kohler Engine & Hyd. Drive (ser#: 36-13900) – Like New!


Westfield 70-46 Auger w/engine


Westfield 10-70 Auger w/Auger Jogger Mover, Endswing


Westfield MK 130-91 Plus Auger, Low Pro Hopper w/Auger Jogger Mover


Wheatheart BH 841 Auger, PTO


2010 Brandt 7500 HP Grain Vac


New Idea 2-Row Corn Picker


Trucks & Vehicles:

2007 Mack CH613, Maxi Cruise, Wet Kit, 13-spd, New Alum. Rims & Tires,

(New U-joints & Hanger Bearings) (vin#: 7N0090773792) (16071 hrs.)


2005 Mack Vision Model 600, 10-spd, Elect. Over Hyd. Setup, AC-427 Engine, Day Cab (vin#: 1M1AK06Y25N006582)


2004 Mack CH613 Semi, 10-spd, (vin#: 1M1AA18Y44N156858)


2002 Mack Maxi Cruise 600-CH600, 10-spd, E7-427 Engine, Day Cab (vin#: 1M1AA13YX2W146687)


1996 Mack 600, 10-spd, E7-427 Engine, Day Cab, (vin#: 1M2AA18Y1TW070900)


1994 Mack CH6 600, 13-spd, E7-427 Engine, Sleeper (vin#: 1M1AA14YXRW037722)


1981 Mack 13-spd, w/20-ft. MFS 2062 box w/Hyd. Silage Gate & Roll Tarp



1982 Mack RD6865, 9-spd Easton Roller, w/20-ft Steel box, 60-in sides

(vin#: 1M2P137C2CA009886)


1985 IH S2300 Tandem Duals, 9-spd, 21-ft box, 60-in sides, Man Roll Tarp

(vin#: 1HSZEHUR9FHA17013)


IHC Loadstar 1800, Dual Tandem, 5-spd Automatic, 20-ft box, 52-in sides-steel floor

(vin#: 15682DCA22450)


1999 Ford F-450 Super Stroke V8, Dually, Auto, w/Service Bed: Fuel Tank, Generator, Air Compressor

(vin#: 1FDXF47FOXEE33275)


Mack Econodyne Model R686510, 4x5-spd


1970’s Chevy Truck- Box & Hoist, Needs Work


1972 Chevy C50 w/Drill Fill – As Is (vin#: CCS532V152069)


1984 IH S1700, Propane Ran, 20-ft box, Tandem – As Is (vin#: 1HTLBEGN6EHA57016)


1973 Chevrolet C60 w/Box & Hoist – As Is (vin#: CCE613V104875)


Mack Super Liner Model RW3747LST – As Is


1991 Ford F250 w/Service Box (vin#: 1FTHF25HXNLA20421)



2005 Jet Hopper 40-ft, Dbl. Hopper, Ag Hoppers, Manual Roll Tarp

(vin#: 5JNGA40235H000053)


2003 Hawk Master (model 3802-SG) 38-ft, Ag Hoppers, Manual Roll Tarp

(vin#: 129G52240010863)


2004 Jet Hopper (model DWH-400) 40-ft, Ag Hoppers, Elect. Tarp

(vin#: 5JNGA40254H000327)


1997 Wilson 42-ft, Ag Hoppers, Manual Roll Tarp (vin#: 1W1MAF1WXVA226154)


1983 Load King 42-ft Belly Dump, Plastic Lined (ser#: 12558)


1983 Trailmobile Flatbed w/hay sides, 48-ft, Hauls 30 bales (vin#: 1PTW71TJ6D9003325)


Shop Built Hay Trailer – Haul 30 bales


1998 Westwind 48-ft Drop Deck w/Ramps (vin#: 4MRFD4820WH005832)


2001 Diamond D Stock Trailer 7 x 24-ft (vin#: 4FGL024261H038964)


1976 Wilson Cattle Pot, Tandem Axle (ser#: 5X3102)


1992 Titan 28-ft Flatbed Trailer w/Dove Tail (vin#: 1T9F32200N1211544)


1982 Dakota 16 x 7 Stock Trailer, 5th wheel (vin#: D335382)


Hopper Bins

2 – Amber Waves, Epoxy Lined, 4000 bu. w/Base Unit

2 – Meridan, Epoxy Lined, 4000 bu. w/Base Unit


Haying & Silage Equip.

2018 New Holland Roll-Belt 560 Specialty Crop RB, Net/Twine, Wide Pickup, BT, BPB, HPL

(ser#: HBJRB560CHN195751) 3255 bales


2018 New Holland Roll Belt 560 Specialty Crop RB, Net/Twine, Wide Pickup, BT, BPB, HPL

(ser#: HBJRB560JHN195568) 1125 bales


2005 MacDon 9352 Swather -Turbo (1248 engine hrs.) (ser#: 163171)

w/2002 Mac Don 972(ser#: 148217) 30-ft Dble. Swath Draper Header


2012 MacDon M155 Swather (ser#: 219776) (427 engine hrs.)

30-ft Dble. Swath Draper Header w/Conditioner (ser#: 217970)


Farm King 2450 Dble. Arm Hay Hiker, hauls 14 bales – NEW


Bush Hog 2720 Rotary Mower 20-ft Batwing


1995 Case IH 8750 Forage Harvester 3-row head – Pickup Head


Richardton 14-ft Silage Dump Wagon


Davenport Hay Barge


3-pt Bale Carriers – Dble. & Single



HiQual Hyd. Squeeze Chute w/Power Unit

HiQual Hyd. Calf Table – Like New

Foremost Calf Table

Real-Tuff Tub w/ Adj. Alleyway, Headgate, Palp Cage, Fold-down Sides

Foremost Squeeze Chute w/Self-Catch Headgate

5 – Stur-D Dble. Bale Feeders

2 – Shop Built Bale Feeders

Feedbunks – Metal & Conveyor Belt

5 – 24-ft Fence-line Feed Panels

8 – 8-ft Cement Feed Bunks

3 – Poly Circulating Cattle Waters

10 - New Rolls - Red Brand Barb Wire

500: 1-inch, ¾-inch, 7/8-inch Sucker Rod

200: 24-ft 7-bar Pipe & Sucker Rod

140 – Guard Rail

125 - RR Ties 81/2 -ft

56 - RR Ties 8-ft

40 -RR Ties 10-ft

Large Pile of Used RR Ties

30 Sheets of Super Steel

3 – Ranch King 18-ft Gates

Hog Panels & Feeders

2 – Tire Tanks, 10-ft, 7-ft

Several Tires Feeders

2 – Calf Warmers, Calf Pullers, Calf Sleds

12 – 26-ft Windbreak Panels

2 – Calf Shelters

17 x 26-ft Insulated Farrowing House – TO BE MOVED

Oswalt Ensilmixer 525 Feedwagon w/Scale

Oswalt Ensilmixer 420 Feedwagon w/Scale

Artsway PM30 Hammermill, 150 bu. Tank w/Scale

Haybuster H-1000 Tub Grinder

Killbros 500 Dble. Tank Gravity Wagon on Truck Trailer

Ford 905 3pt. Post Hole Digger



250 – gal Propane Tank

Onan PTO Generator 25KW

Ingersoll-Rand 175 Industiral Air Compressor

Craftsman Radial Saw

2 – Hyd. Anhydrous Winches

Hotsy Pressure Washer w/Elect. Boiler

2 – 2000-gal Poly Water Storage Tanks

1500-gal Poly Storage Tank

Petrified Rock – Several Pieces

10,000-gal Fuel Tank

2 – 2000-gal Fuel Tank

500-gal Fuel Tank

1500-gal Fuel Tank w/Elect. Pump

Def Pump – self contained

Donahue Trailer

Canola Roller

Walking Tandem Axle



Henry 6.5 Creedmore Lever Action w/Hawke Scope (ser#: 65LR01830)

Browning 22.250 Lever Action w/Burris Scope (ser#: 03630MV341)

Chiappa 12 ga. Lever Action Shot Gun (ser#: 19E01039)


Consignment: Fred Burke IH 6200 Press Drills, 22ft: 2-7ft, 1-8ft w/Hitch Krause Victory Blade 35ft – Like New IH 28ft Vibra Shank John Deere 24ft Toolbar w/NH3 Applicator John Deere 100 12ft Toolbar Haybarge 13x24 6x41 Auger Shopbuilt Pup Trailer 15ft Knapheide box

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